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This 2" thick live edge Walnut table has an acrylic river running through it.  It contains metal supports for durability to allow for daily use.  Maple inlays were added to support the large natural crack in the wood.  It is perfect as a desk or in any entry way.  The base raises and lowers from 31" to 51" for sitting or standing while working.  The crank for raising the desk is hidden underneath the table.  The blue river was created with multiple layers of blues and grays to create depth and motion.


The base is solid steel to support the heavy top.  To maintain the beaty of the desk, clean with a wet rag or windex as needed.  This is a unique piece of artisan furniture that can be the center piece of your office or den.  The piece measures 42.5" x 29.5" and is 31.0" to 51.0" tall and weighs 85 lbs.

Walnut "River" Desk

SKU: F-13
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