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This serving board is made from red oak from a hundred year old barn.  It was lovingly restored with a translucent Azure blue and grey epoxy.   The nail holes, checks (breaks) and knot holes were filled with the translucent azure blue epoxy.   The board measures 19.25" x 8.5" x .75".


All our boards are finished with food safe oils and natural bees wax to ensure food safety.

Bread Board: Translucent Azure Blue Inlay and Oak Serving Board

  • Maintenance is simple.  If you get the board wet dry it immediately.  The wood pours are only partially sealed so that the true grain of the wood can show through.  To bring back the luster just add a thin film of olive oil or other heavy cooking oil onto both sides.  Remove any excess oil after an hour.  Not dish washer safe.

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